Paul Cochrane Timmy V2 Overdrive Pedal

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A truly transparent overdrive, this pedal was made to add some extra boost while keeping the unique sound and punch of your amp. Its bass and treble knobs are 'cut' controls, rolling off desired frequencies instead of boosting them. This helps retain the dynamic, natural tones of the amplifier. Also, the bass control is pre-distortion and the treble is post-distortion.

The result is the ability to have a more natural, robust low-end on cleaner settings, and as you turn up the distortion you can roll back the treble to keep things smooth. This eliminates the midrange bump many overdrive pedals have preset into them. A three-way toggle provides different clipping options, the middle and down positions being symmetrical, and the up position being asymmetrical. This Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive Pedal is true bypass, and runs off of a single 9V battery or power supply.