Suhr Buffer Pedal

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Today's players demand quality, reliability and great tone.
To Ensure that your Investment in Tone is Preserved throughout your signal chain, we recommend the Use of a Buffer.
The Suhr Buffer utilizes only the Highest Quality Components such as:
Low Noise Audiophile Op-Amps, Glass Epoxy PCB, and a Machined Billet Aluminum Enclosure.

The Buffer is equipped with Two Independent Outputs, all in a Compact, Solid, Aluminum enclosure.
One Output (ISO) is Isolated and Utilizes a Transformer to Eliminate Noise from Ground Looping.
There is also a Switch for a 180º Phase Reversal to Keep your Signal in phase when splitting between two amplifiers.

DC INLET: Use a compatible 9-18Vdc with a center negative power supply.
INPUT: Instrument Input, use this jack to connect to your instrument.
OUTPUT: Primary output, use this jack to connect to an amplifier or effect device.
ISO OUTPUT (transformer isolated): Secondary output, use this to split your instrument's signal to an additional amplifier or sound source.
PHASE SWITCH (ø): The Phase Switch reverses the polarity of the Buffer’s ISO Output by 180º. Activate this switch to keep both output sources in phase.

Input Impedance: 1M Ω
Output Impedance: 150 Ω
Power Connector: 9v
Operating Voltage: 4.5Vdc - 18v
Maximum Voltage: 20Vdc
Over Voltage Protection: Yes
Current Consumption: <5ma
Dimensions: L- 2.87” x W- 2.53” x D- 1.23”
Weight: .379 lbs.