Suhr Koji Comp (Guitar Compressor)

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The Koji Comp is a versatile analog compressor,
designed to offer a wealth of vintage and modern style compression
effects without compromising your tone.

Comp: Sets the amount of compression
Attack: Set the attack time on the compressor
Level: Sets the volume of the compressor
Mix: Wet/Dry knob.
Voice Switch: Changes the tone of the comp. Adds a bit of sparkle.

Multi-Function LED
Gain Reduction Indicator:
The LED indicator that displays the amount of Gain Reduction based on the ratio
of your instrument’s signal and the level of compression in your signal.

Green - Minimal Gain Reduction
Orange - Moderate Gain Reduction
Red - Maximum Gain Reduction (This is not a bad thing)
On / Off Indicator: The LED indicator displays the on / off effect status.

This is a great compressor for all live and studio applications.
It very well might be the last compressor you ever need.

Input Impedance: 1M ohm
Output Impedance: 600 ohm
Power Connector: 9Vdc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
Operating Voltage: 5V to 18V (nominal 9V)
Maximum Voltage: 20Vdc
Attack Time Range: 1ms-100ms
Gain Reduction Indicator: 3 Color LED
Reverse Battery Protection: yes
Over Voltage Protection: yes
Current Consumption: < 20mA
Estimated Battery Life: 40 – 50 hours of continuous use
Dimensions: 2.50" Width x 4.50" Depth x 1.25" Height
Weight: 0.75 pound
FxLink Connector: 1/8" mono jack
FxLink max Voltage: 3.3Vdc
Shield to Tip: Activate on/off
ROHS Compliant: Yes