Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded

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In May of 2009, Suhr shipped their very first Koko Boost pedal.
Koko’s Unique Design incorporated both a Transparent Clean Boost and a Selectable Midrange Boost.
These features Extended the range of any tube amplifier and Overdrive and/or Distortion pedals.
The Koko Boost Reloaded is the result of Countless Hours of Listening, Testing, and Modifying the original circuit.

--More Control
The Koko Reloaded was engineered with Independent Clean and Mid-Boost Controls allowing Fine-Tuning of each mode.

--Re-voiced frequency switch (Three Position)
The mid boost frequencies have been Optimized for a Sweeter, more Cutting Tone, that Never Sounds harsh or fatiguing.

--Frequency Knob Positions:
Left (Mids): Full and Smooth, Tuned Specifically to bring out your Guitars Natural Midrange characteristics.
Middle (High Mids): Clear and Articulate, voiced to Cut Through a mix for solo playing.
Right (Low Mids): Fat and Creamy, Excellent for Thickening up Rhythm and Lead Tones.

mf(x) is a proprietary foot switch technology that enables you to seamlessly select between the Koko's clean or mid boost modes.
mf(x) has built in memory that remembers your last mode choice.

The original Koko Boost pedal was quite a spectacular pedal but the reloaded version Outshines its older brother.
To top it all off, this version of the Koko Boost has a Smaller Foot Print!