Suhr Riot Distortion Reloaded

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The Suhr Riot Reloaded Distortion pedal is the same Killer, Singing Distortion
as the Original, with 30% more Gain, perfect for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.
It's Amp-Like Dynamics make it super responsive to your picking attack and volume level.
Roll down your volume knob and you'll get a Chunky, Aggressive Rhythm Sound.
Turn it all the way up and you'll get a Sweet, Searing Lead tone.

The Tone control has been modified to emphasize the upper mids,
giving a Sweeter, More Cutting tone, and the Three Position Voice Switch
Provides Classic, Full-Bodied Modern, and Scooped EQ settings.

-True Bypass
-Amp-Like Dynamics
-30% More Gain
-Tone Control with Upper Mids Emphasis
-Three Position Voice Switch
-Distortion and Level Controls
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery

The Suhr Riot Distortion pedal was already and Aggressive, In Your Face pedal.
But the Suhr Riot Reloaded is Just a Maniac.
It should be Locked Up.
They Should Throw Away the Key.