TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini

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The TC Electronic 'HOF' Hall of Fame Mini has all the Tonal Capabilities of the Full-Size Hall of Fame with the footprint of a mini stompbox.

On Deck you have One Control Parameter: Reverb.
It's all you need to Dial in the Perfect amount of your loaded Reverb TonePrint

The Default patch on the HOF is a Gorgeous Ambient Reverb, but the Magic really comes out when you Plug the HOF into you computer and dive in with the Free TonePrint Editor app.

Select from more than 20 Reverb templates including Ambient, Room, Hall, Spring, Plate, and a model of the Legendary EMT120.

You can control to exacting detail the tone, character, and effects of the reverb, to create tones never heard before.

TC Electronic has also teamed up with tons of Great Artists to create loads of Great TonePrints you can Beam directly into your pedal using the TonePrint iPhone app and your guitar's pickups. Hail Science!

-True Bypass
-Analog Dry-Through
-Reverb Models:
-Plus Many More
-Fully Customizable TonePrint Reverb Sounds
-Beam TonePrints directly into Pedal with TonePrint iPhone app

The Hall of Fame Mini is a Great Pedal,
and offers Truly Unprecedented Features
in terms of Customizing your Reverb sound.