TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Blacklight Chromatic Tuner Pedal

Regular price $99.95

PolyTune 2 BlackLight sports everything that's made TC Electronic's polyphonic
tuners the new tuning standard on pedalboards around the world.
The game-changing polyphonic tuning mode that lets you tune all strings at once,
the super fast chromatic tuner and the ultra-precise strobe tuner are all there,
and now they are housed inside a gorgeous black metallic enclosure with a new
super-bright blue and white LED-display that when lit will put even the most
vivid starry nights to shame.

-Polyphonic Tuner
-Chromatic Tuner (+/- 0.5 cent)
-Strobe Tuner (+/- 0.1 cent)
-Super sleek black enclosure
-Stunning blue and white LED display with ambient light sensor