TC Electronic Viscous Vibe

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The Viscous Vibe from TC Electronic is an Incredibly Flexible and Versatile pedal.
It's a Modern Recreation of the analog Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe with
a little Something Extra under the hood. 
You can dial in all the lush vibe tones used by
people like Pink Floyd, Robin Trower and Hendrix.

With 3 dials (Intensity, volume and speed) and a choice of vibrato
or chorus settings you can dial in Exactly the tone you need.
The Helix also comes with True Bypass to help your Tone Shine
through with No Loss of high end.

TC Electronic pedals sound great, they’re designed for Regular Gigging use
and are built to handle some serious punishment.
With both Stereo and Mono I/O they quickly become pedal board necessities.

Ok…. Here’s where things get exciting. TC Electronic have moved beyond simple presets
and given you a Whole New Way of using pedals.
With the free app you can use the Editor Feature to Build your Own Sounds.
Move beyond the basic dials on your pedal and Fine Tune exactly the sound you want.
Once you plug in the Viscous you may never want to unplug…

-1:1 recreation of the legendary Shine-Ei Uni-Vibe
-TonePrint enabled
-Compact Design
-Stereo I/O
-True Bypass or Buffered Bypass
-Runs at 9V/100mA