TC Helicon Harmony Singer

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TC Helicon's Harmony Singer is like having two more singers,
each with a perfect ear, in a box that'll fit in your gig bag.
It analyzes your incoming guitar chords to establish
how high or how low to 'sing' in relation to your vocal line.
You can choose from one or two voices,
each with two levels of 'distance' from the note you sing.
For instance you could have one voice above and one below your voice,
or two voices (above or below),
or one voice (above or below) closer to or farther from your voice.

In addition to that the Harmony Singer provides powerful tone-shaping capability.
Gone are the days of woofy low-end, dull high-end,
and ear-shredding sibilance.
The Harmony Singer's EQ and De-Esser adapt to your voice as you sing,
so even with a so-so PA you'll sound your best.
Add to that Great-Sounding Reverbs and you have an
All-in-One Vocal Tone/Harmony Solution.