Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo

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Pedal Power MONDO is a serious power supply for both your 9-volt and high-current digital pedals.

It's basically a Pedal Power Digital and Pedal Power 2+ all in one convenient chassis.

All 12 outputs sections are totally isolated, filtered, and regulated keeping your pedals free from the high-frequency noise you get with digital switching power supplies.  Ground loops and hum will be a thing of the past.

-12 isolated output sections eliminate ground loops and hum
-All outputs are compatible with 9V battery operated pedals
-6 outputs are high-current capable for modern digital effects
-Powers Strymon, Eventide, Line 6, BOSS Twin, TC Nova, and more
-2 outputs with Sag simulate low battery
-Toroidal transformers and linear regulation for lowest possible noise
-Includes cables and detachable AC line cord
-Courtesy AC outlet
-Engineered and handmade in the USA
-5-year warranty