Way Huge Electronics Supa-Puss Analog Delay

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Way Huge's Supa-Puss Analog Delay is easily one of the most Versatile Analog Delays in existence.
Utilizing Six Bucket-Brigade chips, the Supa-Puss delivers up to 900 milliseconds of delay time,
which, when used in conjunction with the Tap Tempo switch, can provide up to 3 Seconds of
Delay Time in Real Time for Ethereal Ambience.

The two Large knobs are Delay level and a True Mix knob, along with a Feedback control.
The Supa-Puss offers 4 time subdivisions: Quarter note, Dotted Eighth Note,
Eighth Note Triplet, and Sixteenth Note.
These subdivisions work in conjunction with the tap tempo switch to control the time of the repeats.

The tone of the delayed signal is controlled via the four smaller knobs,
gain delivering some grit, tone controlling the color of the repeats,
while depth and speed control the LFO circuit, delivering some of the 'wow and flutter'
effects of vintage tape machines.

-900 milliseconds of delay time
-Delay Level Control
-Mix Control
-Feedback Control
-Four Time Subdivisions: Quarter Note, Dotted Eighth, Eighth, and Sixteenth Note
-Depth and Speed Control LFO Circuit for Tape Delay effects
-Gain controls delayed signal overdrive
-Tone controls color of delayed signal
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery

The Supa-Puss is truly an All-Purpose Analog Delay.
It can give you everything from Slapback, to Ethereal Trails,
to Runaway Feedback Oscillation, and everything in between.