Way Huge Overrated Special Overdrive WHE208

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Joe Bonamassa likes his Overdriven sound Bold and Punchy,
and the Way Huge Overrated Special™ Overdrive is designed
to give the Impeccable Blues Man just that. Jeorge Tripps
took an Old School Green Rhino OD, hot-rodded it for a
more Pronounced Midrange, and added a 500Hz control so
that Joe can punch up the Low Mids for his Tasty, Groovy
Licks. Volume, Tone, and Drive controls round out a
Straightforward User Interface so you can plug in and
get right to it. Run the Overrated Special OD in front
of a clean amp for a Gritty Boost, or slam an already
distorted channel for an Electrifying Surge of gain
and Sustain Worthy of Joe Bonamassa’s Searing Leads.

-Designed specially for Joe Bonamassa
-Bold, punchy overdrive with pronounced midrange
-500HZ control for cutting or boosting low end