Way Huge WHE601 Blue Hippo Analog Chorus Limited Edition Pedal 2015

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This Limited Edition Blue Hippo Analog Chorus (only 900 were made)
returns with its Famously Diverse range of Luscious, Liquefied Tones
—and then some!

The MkII retains the MkI’s Easy-to Use control setup,
which takes you from lush Tone-Widening to full-on Rotating Speaker
modulation madness from the depths of the ocean.
But now, there’s a Vibe switch for adding some thick Vibrato Goodness to your aqueous tones.
Don’t wade into the water without your Blue Hippo MkII Analog Chorus!

Michael Landau fans...
This is chorus/vibe pedal that Michael just put on his board as seen in the pictures.