XTS Precision Multi-Drive

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The Precision Multi-Drive from XTS is one of the most Flexible Overdrives around.
It has an Extraordinarily Broad Tonal palette,
making it a Great All-Purpose Overdrive.
Playing with an Unfamiliar Amp?
The Multi-Drive's Powerful Tone Shaping capabilities ensure you sound Great, whatever the context.
Tone Needs more Bite? Flip the Switch to Edge.
Too muddy? Try the Slim Setting.
No matter what tonal situation you find yourself in,
the Precision Multi-Drive has the perfect solution.

-True Bypass
-Volume, Gain, and Color (tone) Controls
-3-Way Slim/Fat/Fatter tone Switch
-3-Way Soft/Punch/Edge clipping Switch
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery

XTS Precision Multi-Drive is a True All-Purpose Overdrive.
Whether you need a little Gain or a Lot,
a big, fat, dark, womping overdrive,
or a sharp, searing, sizzling one,
the Precision Multi-Drive has you covered.