Fender N3 Jazz Bass PU Bridge Only - Brand New

Regular price $85.00

This is a Brand New N3 Noiseless Jazz Bass BRIDGE Pickup.
We sold the neck PU to a customer, so that you could buy the Bridge PU for your bass.
It's never been installed, or felt the white, hot soldering iron on its' wires.
It's a great sounding J Bass PU without the 60 cycle hum.

Here's how Fender describes it...

Fender's N3 Noiseless J Bass pickups give you the classic clarity and definition of traditional single-coil Jazz Bass pickups, without the dreaded 60-cycle hum. Built with a stacked set of Alnico V magnets, N3 Noiseless pickups provide you with the same level of noise cancellation you'd expect from humbuckers. But thanks to Fender's cutting-edge design, N3 Noiseless pickups also give you the classic J Bass warmth and clarity most stacked dual-coil pickups are missing. Bottom line: if you want your Jazz Bass to sound like a Jazz Bass should, but you don't want to worry about hum, then you need Fender N3 Noiseless J Bass pickups.