About Harbor Music

Scott Gerber (Homer T) Harbor Music Redondo Beach, CA

Scott Gerber (AKA "Homer T"): Owner, Harbor Music, Redondo Beach

I'm a GEAR-HEAD. I love gear. I love talking about it. I love thinking about it. I love how it makes me feel. I can't go out of town without taking my guitar. One of my friends said to me... "Scott, you're not just into guitar...you are a guitar!"

HARBOR MUSIC is the place where professionals go to find cool gear. HARBOR MUSIC is the place to share your passion...and discover your passion. I'm here to nurture this gift that is music...to facilitate dreams and aspirations. Guitar is interactive, and it is assertive. If you grab it, it'll grab you. I want to find the guitar that grabs you and won't let go. I want to build you a PEDAL-BOARD that unlocks the sonic colors of your spirit. There are so many possibilities, and one size does not fit all. We can find the sounds that fit you.

HARBOR MUSIC is located in Redondo Beach, California at 1024 S. Pacific Coast Hwy. 2 blocks from the ocean. We carry all kinds of guitars, basses, amplifiers, effects pedals and accessories serving professionals, hobbyists and beginners.

Whether you're looking for a hand-wired boutique amp or a $99 acoustic guitar, whether it's a custom shop strat or a custom-built pedal board...WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!
I'm Scott Gerber, owner of HARBOR MUSIC. I'm a player and enthusiast, songwriter and recording engineer. I've been selling musical instruments since my teen years, and I can provide you with Experience, Knowledge and Great Prices!

So call, email, or just come in, we're here to unlock your musical dreams.