Dunlop CM95 - Clyde McCoy - Cry Baby Wah

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Dunlop's new Clyde McCoy Cry Baby Wah Wah hearkens back to the very first
wah pedal to ever be produced.
It was named after Legendary Jazz and Blues Trumpeter Clyde McCoy's
signature technique, the "wah-wah" achieved via a mute.
When engineers at the Thomas Organ Co. serendipitously invented the wah circuit
by mistake, they knew they had struck gold.

The Clyde McCoy faithfully recreates the tone, sweep, and feel of the original
with premium, hand-wired components like the Original Design Halo inductor,
while bringing modern stability and reduced microphonic noise thanks to
a stabilized cup core.

-Faithful Recreation of the Original
-Proprietary Halo Inductor with Stabilized Cup Core
-Reduced Microphonic noise
-Premium Components
-Thru-Hole, Hand-wired Design
-Classic Housing

Having the Clyde McCoy Cry Baby Wah Wah on your board
is like having the best vintage wah around,
without worrying about it burning out or getting damaged on the road.