1973 Fender Telecaster Deluxe All Original

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This is a Bitchin' 1973 Telecaster Deluxe.
It is All Original.
When Leo decided to build a humbucker guitar, 
he went to the man who invented humbuckers...Seth Lover,
and created the "Fender Full-Range Humbucker".
In keeping with the Fender sound, it's a more "open" sounding pickup than the Les Paul humbucker.

As this is a 52 year old guitar and hasn't lived under someone's bed.
It's been played and loved. 
It's got Tone and Mojo.

Solid Alder Body in a Natural Finish.
Maple Neck with 21 Original Frets.
(2) Full Range Humbuckers
Fender "F" Original Die-Cast Tuners

You can see from the pictures there's discoloration on the bass side lower bout,
where your arm rests.
On the headstock, you can see where a price tag lived.
There are (4) marks on the back of the neck.
The largest runs to the left of the skunk stripe at the 7th fret.
There a smaller one at the 5th fret on the treble side...
and (2) very little ones at the 1st fret. (see pictures)
You can feel them if you run your thumb down the neck,
but you don't feel, or even notice them when you're playing.
Both PUs sound Amazing !!
Weighing in at a very respectable 7 lbs. 8.7 oz.
Fender 70's OHSC Case is Included.