J Rockett The Dude Dumble Overdrive Pedal

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Famous Guitarist's such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robben Ford,
and Carlos Santana all recorded at one point with Dumble equipment.

The Dude is J Rockett’s take on the legendary Dumble Overdrive Special.

The Dude can go from clean boost to classic Dumble sounds to high gain.

Please experiment with settings and be careful with the output…the Dude is loud!


The Level control introduces clean boost and can be used
independent of the Ratio control

The Ratio control introduces the ratio of gain vs boost.  You can achieve the classic ODS sounds very easily but it all depends on your guitar, pickups and amp as to where the sweet spot is. Start blending in the gain control and it will simultaneously reduce clean volume & introduce gain.  Somewhere in the middle is the sweet
spot or mix of the two, please experiment.

Turn to the right to increase output, to the left to decrease output.

The Deep control varies the level of midrange prominence.  Turn to the left and it will be scooped in the midrange with more emphasis on treble and bass.  Turn the Deep control to the right and it will introduce a thick, low midrange.  Once you achieve your desired tone on the deep control, adjust the treble to taste for clarity