Keeley Darkside Workstation Pedal

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Combining biting fuzz, multi-head tape-style delay, and vibrant modulation effects, the Keeley Dark Side Workstation pedal is tailor-made for Floyd-esque psychedelic tone. The fuzz is based on a 1977 op-amp fuzz circuit, tweaked for maximum sustain and clarity. The multi-head tape delay effect offers 12 syncopated delay patterns, and the modulation section provides Flanger, Rotary Speaker, U-Vibe, and Phaser effects. And an Order switch makes it easy to switch the order of your effects on the fly. Get even wilder with your effects by connecting an expression pedal (not included). If '70s psychedelic and classic rock tones are your thing, Sweetwater highly recommends that you check out the Keeley Dark Side Workstation pedal.