Bogner Burnley V2

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Reinhold Bogner, legendary amp designer, is known for creating some of the best-sounding amp-based distortion tones in rock history, and the Burnley V2 distortion pedal brings those great tones to your pedalboard. Using a custom audio transformer, this pedal delivers lush, smooth tone with amazing touch sensitivity and impeccable sound quality. Burnley V2 can conjure everything from mild distortion to British-flavored, high-gain mayhem. With all this packed into a compact format, you'll definitely find room on your pedalboard for the Bogner Burnley V2 distortion pedal.

Bogner Burnley V2 Distortion Pedal Features:

  • Bogner-designed distortion pedal utilizing a custom audio transformer
  • Mild distortion to high-gain mayhem
  • Fat/Tight switch gives you a tighter metal feel or looser rock feel
  • Tone control lets you dial in your ideal sound
  • 100% analog circuit path delivers excellent touch response