Ernie Ball MVP Most Valuable Pedal Volume/Boost Pedal

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The Ernie Ball MVP takes a Standard Volume Pedal and Kicks it into Overdrive.

You can use it as a standard Volume pedal, going from 0% to 100% of signal, or you can use it as a Boost pedal to Bump Up your Leads without messing with Volume Knobs Mid-Solo.

The Heel Down (off) Position can be set at the standard 0% of Signal, fully off, or Turn the Min. knob all the way up and you'll get 50% signal for Rhythm Playing.

With the Gain turned all the way down, the Toe Down Position gives you 100% of signal, again, Like a Standard Volume Pedal, but crank that s.o.b. and you'll get 20 Sweet Decibels of Boost to Push Your Amp into Creamy Natural Overdrive territory.

-Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
-Min. Control for 0-50% Signal in Heel Down Position
-Gain Control for 100%-20dB Boost in Toe Down Position
-Tuner Out
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery

Ernie Ball's MVP is the Most Exciting Development in Volume Pedals in a Long While.

If you need a Killer Boost Pedal that is an actual Pedal,
so you can get your minimum and maximum levels, and all the Juice in between, the MVP is your Pedal.

If you ever Need to use it as a Standard Volume Pedal, just turn the knobs to zero and BAM
it's a Standard Volume Pedal.

Like Hannah Montana, and even more so,
it's the Best of Both Worlds.