Ernie Ball VP JR. 250k Ohm Volume Pedal

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The Ernie Ball VP JR 250k Volume Pedal is THE Volume Pedal. What do I mean by that?

I mean that it's built like a brick….house.
After the Nuclear Apocalypse, only roaches and Ernie Ball VP JR's will remain.
It's not just the high-quality aluminum enclosure that is durable, but the internal components are as solid as solid could be.

For instance, the cable which transmits you rocking the pedal to the volume pot,
an extremely Fragile and Vital component, is made out of Kevlar.
That's the same material that Army Issued Bullet Proof Vests are made out of.

But forgetting the VP JR's Legendary toughness,
the most important aspect of a pedal is its sound.
The VP JR is absolutely transparent: you won't hear it at all, just your pure unadulterated tone.
That's just what you want in a volume pedal.

It's got a tuner out, so even in the Heel-Down Position,
your tuner will still "hear" your instrument.

It has a Micro Taper switch, allowing for two distinct swell rates.

And Finally, the whole Pedal is Passive,
meaning it requires no external power.
Just plug it in, and let it rip !!