Fender '59 Bassman LTD Tweed 4x10 Tube Electric Guitar Amp with Cover

Regular price $1,400.00

This is a Pre-Owned 59 Bassman LTD in Lacquered Tweed.
It is in Excellent Condition.
It's 45 watts (2 6L6's).
4x10" Alnico speakers.
2 Channels - Normal & Bright...separate Volume for each.
Treble...Bass...Middle...Presence...are common to both.
4 Inputs...Old School.

It's great as a loud, clean, (or slightly dirty) pedal platform...
it also ROARs when you crank it up.

It's Super Clean...no rips or tears on the Tweed or Grill Cloth.
Original Fender Cover is Included.