Friedman IR-X Dual Tube Preamp and DI Guitar Pedal

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The Friedman IR-X is a feature-laden guitar preamp that fits right on your pedalboard...
or plugs right into your DAW.

It's loaded with two high-voltage 12AX7 tubes.

Channel 1 ranges from squeaky-clean British-voiced chime to Plexi-style crunch. 

Channel 2 yields Friedman's trademark high-gain tone, chock-full of percussive punch, note articulation, and searing sustain.

and Each Channel includes a Boost to push your drive to the next level. 

3-Band EQ for each channel and voicing switches are onboard. 

You can plug the IR-X into a power amp and cab for a genuine air-pushing experience 

or use the onboard power amp simulation and low-latency IR loader to go direct. 

The IR-X includes an ultra-transparent effects loop, 

three multifunction footswitches, MIDI programmability, USB MIDI for DAW integration, 

and a headphone output. 

Here's what Friedman has to say...

  • A feature-laden guitar preamp that fits on your pedalboard
  • 2 high-voltage 12AX7 tubes deliver the harmonic richness and touch response of a full-sized Friedman amp
  • Channel 1 ranges from squeaky-clean British-voiced chime to Plexi-style crunch
  • Channel 2 yields a high-gain tone that's chock-full of percussive punch, note articulation, and searing sustain
  • Per-channel 3-band EQ, Volume and Gain controls, and footswitchable boost
  • Bright and Tight voicing switches provide added sonic flexibility
  • Bypassable effects loop makes integrating your pedalboard simple
  • Power amp simulation with Presence and Thump parameters
  • IR loader includes 12 free Friedman cabinet IRs, or you can load your own custom files
  • MIDI programmable with up to 128 presets for integration with pro-level rigs; USB MIDI for DAW integration
  • 3 multifunction footswitches make real-time operation a breeze
  • TRS balanced output; headphone output