Hand Wired Boutique Modded RAT Distortion pedal

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Elephant Stompboxes is a Boutique Pedal Builder.

They make Hand-Wired, High Quality reproductions

of Classic pedals.


This pedal is a Great Sounding boutique RAT.


The BYOC Mouse is a modified version of the original Proco RAT. 

It has level, distortion, and filter knobs just like the original,

and a 4th knob for presence. 

This is a popular mod for the RAT circuit. 

It is often referred to as the "Ruetz mod". 

It also has a 3-way clipping switch. 

It has silicon clipping, like the original Vintage RAT,

LED clipping like the Turbo RAT, and Schottky diode clipping

for an even more saturated "fuzzy" RAT sound. 

Comes with an NOS LM308 chip just like the original

for that vintage RAT tone.


TONE: Also known as ‘FILTER’. This controls the tone of the effect.

PRES.: (PRESENCE) A sort of ‘fine-tune’ for the tone control.

Has a greater effect when the distortion is turned down.

LEVEL: Controls the overall output volume level of the effect.

DIST.: (DISTORTION) Controls the amount of distortion of the effect.

S L G: Toggles between Silicon diodes (vintage mode),

LEDs (turbo mode), or Schotky diodes (fuzz mode)

in the clipping section.