ISP Technologies Decimator II G-String Noise Reduction Pedal

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iSP Technologies' Decimator II G-String Noise Reduction 
Pedal isn't just another Noise Gate.

It utilizes Dynamic Expansion with a more Linear Release,
and Dedicated Guitar Loop ,which sounds More Organic 
and Less Choppy than your
run of the mill Noise Suppressor.

It works just like the Decimator II,
except you plug your Guitar straight into the Guitar Loop,
Run it into your other pedals,
then back into the Decimator after your Noisy Pedals.
It reads your incoming guitar signal's envelope
so you get a Clean, Organic Expansion
that won't lop off the end of your Sustained notes.

It also has a LINK IN and LINK OUT allowing two Decimators
to be linked for Multiple Noise Reduction Stages,
or to Run in Stereo.

-Revolutionary Approach to Noise Reduction
-Threshold controls Expander Threshold
-LINK IN / LINK OUT for connecting Multiple Decimators
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery

Give the Decimator II a try and you'll Never go Back
to your old Noise Suppressor Pedal.ISP Technologies introduces the Decimator II™ G String noise reduction pedal, second generation of the Decimator™ Noise reduction.

The Decimator™ II G String Noise Reduction pedal was designed for those who want the ultimate performance from a noise reduction pedal. The G String Pedal tracks the signal directly from the guitar, which allows you to switch from clean to high gain without ever changing the threshold setting.

The new design allows connection of the processing channel of the Decimator™ to be inserted into your effects loop or after your high gain pedals or preamp. A 1/8 phone cord is used to engage the linking function which allows you to link two Decimators™ for two channels of noise reduction. You can also use one Decimator G String II and one Decimator II pedal to create a stereo setup. This connection allows both pedals to directly track the instrument providing the tracking performance of our professional Decimator ProRack G.

The Decimator™ II G String has 4 ¼ inch jacks. Connect the guitar directly to the Guitar IN. Connect the Guitar OUT to the input of the amplifier. Connect the DEC IN to the loop send and DEC OUT to the loop return. For best performance place all gain pedals in front of the amplifier and DEC IN. You can put Delay and Reverb effects pedals after the Decimator™ II G String and before the loop return to avoid cutting off reverb and delay tails.

- Input Impedance: 500K ohms – Maximum Input Level: +12dbu – Effective Noise Reduction: greater than 60db – Dynamic Range: greater than 100db – Total Harmonic Distortion: .05% typical – Power consumption: 35mA @9VDC – Release response: Program dependent based on Time Vector Processing