Keeley Mini Compressor (Black)

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Don't let its diminutive disguise fool you: Keeley's incredible Compressor Mini Compressor Pedal sounds massive! Inside this pocket-sized device is everything necessary for treating your tone to that classic Manhattan-style compression, with a simple 2-knob layout to dial in your ideal settings. By blending your dry signal with the compressed signal, the Compressor Mini enhances clarity and note definition while beefing up your sound. An increased sustain range and Keeley's new-and-improved transient release time only sweeten the pot — it's guaranteed to make humbucker and single-coil pickups sound their absolute best. Sweetwater players are blown away by the Compressor Mini's built-in preamp, which gives you a serious sonic upgrade before your signal even hits the amp. Thrown in automatic tone recovery for higher compression settings, and you may never need another compressor again with the Keeley Compressor Mini Compressor Pedal on your board.