Roland FANTOM X8-BRAND NEW CONDITION-88 weighted key Synth Workstation Keyboard

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This is a 2007 Roland Fantom X8 - 88 weighted key - Workstation Synth.
The serial number puts date of manufacture at Feb. 2007.
I bought it new, as an Authorized Roland Dealer.

It's only ever lived in my (smoke free) 2nd bedroom/recording studio.
I bought a case for it, in case I needed to move it...
which I did once, when I moved to a new residence.

If you're reading this, you're probably well aware of the quadrillion things that it'll do.

What it won't make ice...walk your dog...or mow your lawn...
but it does almost everything else.

I'm mostly a guitar/bass guy with limited keyboard chops, 
but I bought it because I wanted a great sounding...weighted key...piano and B3 machine...
maybe the occasional string or Taurus Pedals patch.
It looks like it came out of the box today.
Power cord is included, and if I still have the original manual...I'll put it in the box.
If not, the manual (like everything else in the world) online.

If you're in So the shipping.
Local pickup is available (and free...I might even cover your gas).