Timmy V3 Overdrive Pedal

Regular price $139.00

The 15th Annversay Timmy V3 is finally here !!
Same great Timmy sound with an added feature…HIGH GAIN !!

Paul has voiced one of the two sides of the toggle switch to get 

So, instead of the toggle switching between “Symmetrical" and “Asymmetrical” clipping (on the V2)…
the toggle on the V3 switches between “Vintage Timmy” & "Crunchy Articulate Distortion”.
Same great Timmy, but with the option of “Timmy-esque” Distortion.

The V3’s are $149.00.
Sometimes Paul gets boxes back from his painter that he’s unhappy with.
He’s super critical of his work (as he should be).

I’m a little less critical.
My feeling is…
”It’s a pedal…that you step on…with your foot”.

So, I’ll ask him to send me a picture…he does...and then I tell him…”they look great…build ‘em and ship ‘em to me”.
He sells “blems" to me for $10.00 less…and I sell them to you for $10.00 less.
This is one of the “blems”….
it’s $139.00.