Vox Adio Air GT 50W Modeling Guitar Amplifier w/ Bluetooth Adio-Air-GT

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Though it is compact and lightweight.
The Adio is equipped with 50 Watts of stereo output. 
It delivers a startling sense of volume that outperforms other amps in its class. 
The 2 x 3”stereo speaker system makes for an incredible playing and listening experience. 
Because it is capable of such high-output, the Adio is equally effective as an at-home practice amp as it is a full-fledged performing amp.

Up to 23 types of realistic and wide-ranging amp models

The total of 11 built-in amp models includes VOX’s legendary AC30 as well as a variety of high-gain and clean amps. You can choose from a total of 23 types of amp models. With just this single unit, you can enjoy a variety of amp sounds ranging from classic vintage amps to costly boutique amps.

Chorus and Tremolo (FX1) Delay and Reverb (FX2), are built in.

Ported design further enhances low-frequency playback

The bass reflex section uses a flair component that creates a smooth widening at the entry and exit of the cabinet’s port. This enhances the bass reflex efficiency to further boost the low-frequency playback.

The unique slanted design of the Adio reaches your ears directly even at short distances. 

The Adio Air also supports Bluetooth audio. You can connect it to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth, and use it to play back your favorite music from either device. 

Auto tuner that also supports dropped tunings

The Adio also provides a tuning function that’s indispensable for guitar/bass playing. The tuner also supports half-down tuning mode.

Since the Adio is equipped with a USB port, you can connect it to your computer or tablet and use Tone Room software, or use the Adio as a USB audio interface to record and play back your performance. The Tone Room software lets you switch between three types of routing: monaural/stereo recording or re-amp.

In spite of its high output power, the Adio can also operate on (8) AA batteries allow up to eight hours of continuous operation.