Xotic SL Drive

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Inspired by the Legendary Marshall Super Lead
Xotic's Brand New SL Drive delivers Beautiful, Organic British Overdrive from just a touch of overdrive, all the way to fully-blown brown sound territory.

It's extremely responsive, and cleans up nicely if you ride your guitar's volume knob.

An Internal DIP switch allows you to switch between "Super Lead" and "Super Bass" mode.

Super Lead offers More Gain and a Brighter tone,
where Super Bass delivers More Low End with Less High End.

-True Bypass Switching
-Tiny Footprint
-Tone Control
-Gain Control
-Volume Control
-Internal Super Lead/Super Bass Switch
-Runs on 9V DC

The SL Drive is a Great Marshall-esque Overdrive.
It's Versatile, and Delivers Great tones all the way through the Gain Spectrum.