1964 Fender Stratocaster with 60's Fender Case

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This is a 1964 Stratocaster.
It's in Excellent Condition and it plays and sounds amazing.
The neck is a B shape/size...or more commonly known as a "Fast C" (see picture on butt of neck). When I bought it in 1996, the body had been routed for a humbucker in the bridge and refinished. In 2006, my friend (Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Chris Fleming)
did me the honor of filling in the humbucker route (back to an SSS config--see picture). He refinished and relic-ed it in Black Nitro at the Custom Shop. A 60's "black bottom" pickup and 60's SSS pickguard were bought and installed. You can see that there is a 3rd wiring attached to the neck and middle PUs. A friend of mine and guitar tech for a band that rhymes with "The Beagles" did the installation. He said that the 3rd wire is a shielding wire. Positions (2) and (4) are hum cancelling. He did a refret on it around the time that he installed the neck PU. He used 6105 wire. The PUs meter at: Bridge 6.05 - Middle 6.54 - Neck 6.40.
The nut is 1.658"
1st fret - .810"
12th fret - .928"
It weighs 7 lbs 11 oz
60's Fender Case is Included.
It will be shipped overnight.